New Works by Eliza Fernand Thursday 3/22/12 6pm

March 9, 2012 by SHED

S.H.E.D. Projects is pleased to present:  New Works by Eliza Fernand

Since 2010, Eliza Fernand has been traveling throughout the United States collecting donated fabric (often old clothing), and stitching together her unique brand of stylized quilt-like tapestries.  In addition, she has turned one such tapestry into a mobile habitat, compiled an extensive collection of field recorded interviews, taught workshops, written songs, filmed her own music videos, and created site-specific commissions.  In fact, the scope and breath of Fernand’s project has continued to find so many outlets along the way that it is hard to characterize it all as a single self-contained work.  Her practice is one that blends art with life in a way that is at once, both intuitively candid and carefully deliberate.

For the past couple of months, Fernad has been the artist in residence at Real Time and Space, an artist run studio residency in Oakland’s Chinatown.  During her residency there, she has started a new series of site-specific works, stitching together “patchworks” based on linear compositions found in and around her temporary Chinatown studio.

These patchworks will be on view for her exhibition at S.H.E.D. Projects alongside photographs, sculptures, and ephemera made and collected by the artist.  Fernand will also perform live, some of the songs she has written using lyrics, culled from her interviews with people along her journey.  These songs have been made as her quilts have, by cutting things up and reorganizing them to create a recognizable, yet somehow mystical, narrative poetry that functions through pattern, tonality, and playfulness.

Artist reception:

Thursday, March 22nd

Doors open at 6:00

Performance at 8:00

Eliza Fernand earned her BFA in Sculpture from Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR in 2006.  She has been living and working in Oakland, CA as the artist in residence at Real Time and Space.  Before that, she has worked in studios and residencies in Montreal, New Mexico, Minneapolis, Greensboro, New York, and New Jersey.  She is currently working on a catalogue book project meant to serve as a record of her traveling quilt project since it began in 2010.