I get excited. You get excited. New works by Christopher Füllemann

May 9, 2012 by SHED

S.H.E.D. Projects is excited to announce “I get excited, You get excited”, New Works by Christopher Füllemann.  The show will mark the Swiss artist’s first American solo exhibition. Füllemann, one of this year’s MFA recipients at The San Francisco Art Institute, has been living and working in the Bay Area since 2010.  Durring this time, he has amassed a prolific array of multimedia sculpture.

Easily anthropomorphized through gesture and scale, his work is at once both meticulously formal and yet irresistibly playful.  Aesthetically, these pieces seem to strategically position themselves on a fence between the brightly colored, high-gloss glamour of an 80’s L.A. beach party, and the more sensitive, almost austere irony of a Duchampian assemblage.  Assimilating forms from the everyday such as seats, handles, and hooks, his work invites his audience to consider a possible participatory activation while at the same time, the often comedic allusions to pedestals take the work back into the realm of the precious, and push back against the viewer, holding itself at an uncanny arm’s length.  The unmonumentality of these pieces serves as a careful eyewink to classical sculpture and cultivates a subtle vibration between other figurative modalities like painting, performance art, and dance.

For this exhibition, S.H.E.D. Projects will be exhibiting new works primarily made up of mixed media sculpture on caster wheels, a formally precarious anchor that has recently begun to serve as a signature for Füllemann’s work.  While this sort of whimsical gesture has served the artist before as a clue, exposing his pervasive desire to activate his work through movement and dance, he will go even further this time by performing live as a D.J., playing a set of electronic dance music and inviting viewers to dance with and amongst his rolling sculpture.  Having performed frequently in Switzwerland as a D.J. with his collaborative partner Elise Lammer under the stage name “Lavaux”, this will be the first time Füllemann has combined his two crafts under a single roof.

Opening May 26th, 7 – Midnight