house show

July 17, 2012 by SHED

S.H.E.D. Projects Presents:

“House Show”

An offsite exhibition

Opening reception – Saturday, August 4th, 2012

7 p.m. – 11 p.m.

1506 Peralta Street, Oakland CA


Recently, cities across the U.S. including the Bay Area have seen a proliferation of non-commercial, often artist-run exhibition spaces.  Whether in the form of a vacant storefront, garage, or cubicle, or a more domestic setting – a living room, attic, or hallway – this major emergence of small, DIY exhibition spaces has come to establish a palpable alternative to the commercially driven galleries which have, until recently, dominated our culture’s access to critical art works.

In response to this current emergence of “live-in galleries”, S.H.E.D. Projects will be hosting a two-week exhibition in a house in West Oakland.  The building will become the site for 9 concurrent micro-exhibitions organized by 11 artists and curators, all under one roof.  Each of these micro-exhibitions will feature site-specific work that either responds directly to the house itself by using materials found within it, or strategically frames itself within the domestic architecture to underscore specific themes.

The house will be occupied by tenants throughout the duration of the show.  This is often the case in regards to the aforementioned residential gallery spaces.  These tenants and the things they live with will provide a domestic backdrop for the work, challenging both the artists and the viewers to assess the social architecture that conventionally surrounds contemporary art.

Organizers for this project include Jason Benson, Joel Dean, Aaron Harbour, Sarah Hotchkiss, Jackie Im, Carey Lin, Emmy Moore, Steve Shada, Emma Spertus, Jonah Susskind, and Zoe Taleporos, each of whom has worked within the Bay Area generating non-traditional forums for art exhibition strategically located outside of the white box.

Some of their affiliated projects include Important Projects, MacArthur B. Arthur , Pond, Queen’s Nails Real Time and Space, and Stairwell’s.

Artists whose work will be featured in the show include Facundo Argañaraz, Jason Benson, Sarah Bernat, Kate Bonner, The Center For Tactical Magic, Dylan Chittenden, Roxanne Crocker, Craig Dermody, Matthew Draving, Ian Dolton-Thornton, Aaron Finnis, Emily Gable, Baylee Hikawa, Mark Inglis Taylor, Grant Lavalley, Cybele Lyle, Pete Nelson, Zachary Royer Scholz, Hannah Tarr, Hillary Wiedemann, and Calder Yates.