We’ll Make It Somewhere, Somewhere

November 9, 2013 by SHED

Please join us on Saturday November 16 for “We’ll Make It Somewhere, Somewhere” – a collective channeling of wonder and admiration for the human species.

Born from a desire to combat the overwhelming sense of doom found in the wake of industrialization, this evening of performances and collective offerings aims to generate a communally charged ball of magnanimous reverence for that which industrialized peoples, do, have done, and will do to establish, enrich, and beautify meaningful bonds between one another and the universe.

With Oakland based performance artist Scotty Slade at the helm, this event will look to offer insight through collaborative and experimental manipulation of psycho-spiritual notions pertaining to “the enrichment of human life.”

For the first hour of the performance, attendees will be encouraged to participate in the collective building of a shrine to humanity by presenting offerings. Attendees are welcome to bring a material something to place in/on this altar or just their thoughts and feelings.

We hope you will join us for this one night only performance event. Please note, if you are planning to bring an offering, Scotty recommends choosing anything you think/feel will charge this physical space and increase the magnitude of the waves, which we will be collectively sending deep into the homosphere.

S.H.E.D. Projects______1917 Peralta______Oakland________7-9pm