13 applications of e mail that will help you change your title.cig.

Last updated July 1, 2014

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How would Batman handle his e-mail?

Well, knowing how paranoid Batman, he probably won’t use his regular e-mail-he would have figured out how to code a super-encrypted e-mail that can’t be hacked and can detect the DNA of any villains that you’re looking at …

At the end of the day, the Bat-Viagra will not delete …

I’m not going to pretend that I know for sure that Batman will be used to make his box clear, but I know a good number of applications.

When it comes to e-mail, my goals are:

  • Responve to people within 24 hours.
  • Spend less time on e-mail.
  • I hope you share these goals because the full-box digging sucks …

    There are 13 applications and extensions that will help you to collapse and achieve these goals …

    1. Boomerang for Gmail.

    If your target is “Inbound Zero,” you may have had this idea before:

    “I want to respond to this letter, but I don’t want another person to come back to me until next week.”

  • You can “boomerang” email in your box, which means they’ll go away for a while, and they will pop up again on the same date that you’ve been pumping.If you do not want the recipient to receive a response before this point, you can use the Send function later to schedule the send date.
  • Using a boomerang, you can easily bundle a batch process once, but have control over when everything is available …

    My mailbox is now a place of communication that I mostly want to have-not

    Unroll.me scans your Inbox and finds all e-mail messages that appear to be a newsletters of the type of subscription. Then, it allows you to “roll” all those you want-but you do not always want to see-in simple, daily email digest ..

    Even better, the application allows you.

    3. Uned responses.

    If you’re still a student, you may not have this problem, but I have to write the same letter all the time …

    When I receive the readership, I am always responsible and spoilt my answer to the question; however, there are other types of emails that I don’t care about personally at:.

  • Guest mail requests (usually I do not accept them).
  • Sponsored queries (I tend not to wonder if this is really good for students).
  • Some types of technical questions (how to use a separate domain registrar for you.
  • The Gmail’s Canned Responses feature allows you to respond to these e-mail types for a few seconds. That’s it.

    To be honest, I used the Snippets function in.

    4. e-Mail.

    The work is extended to fill the amount of time allotted to it ..

    You probably know this when you have a lot of time to write a paper, you might be distracted. But when do you have an hour? Your fingers turned into a blouse.That’s the thought.

    You will also see a bar in the upper left corner, allowing you to know how many letters you want to answer, and also a smiley face/sad face that shows how well you are doing …

    Forgive my brevity, I’m trying to win an email!As soon as I saw it, I realized …The following three applications in this list will focus on.

    One of the reasons I left the letters sitting in my box was because they contained information or tasks that I didn’ t want to let slip from my mind.

    So, the first tool that helps me fight this habit is.

  • Air tickets and block tickets.
  • Software Licenses.
  • E-mail with useful information.
  • Interviews with readers (this gives me more ideas for fasting and podcast).
  • If I let all of these things sit in my box, my huge number of letters will motivate me. I would not like to reply to the letters that need to be answered …

    With everything in Evernote neatly, my head is clear.Our second stop on the tour “ Get That Crap Out of Your Inbox”.

    In these days, I am actually doing most of my tasks on the big-ass whiteboard, which is mounted right next to my stickable blog. Yeah, I know. I went to the old school for you guys.For me, using the physical methods of tracking my tasks, they keep them in my eyes. If you want to use a computer method, Wunderlist is an amazing …

    In either case, you must retrieve the data from the e-mail, retrieve it to the task management system, and archive the messages.

    Last stop on our tour, yo!One thing I don’t like to use Evernote.

    In this context, I started looking for a great bookmark manager that could keep all the cool articles and tools that I learned through my email (and simply through the browsing) ..

    Before this week, I used.

    Today I saw a tweet from Bella Beth Cooper, who was found.

    I just found what I was looking for for years: a list of references.

    -Belle (@BelleBCooper).

    and I fell in love instantly.

    Now, I can control the articles I mean, read the same way I do-and get them out of the box …

    Simply put, Beeminder.

    The Beeminder has many different applications, and it has integration with the name

  • Specify a maximum number.
  • Connect the Beemder with Gmail so that it can get the number of messages (it checks several times a day).
  • Watch the Yellow Brick Road graph on the Badminder …
  • If you fail for the first time, it’s free. After that, you have to promise money to keep trying. There is a second error and the amount of bail is charged ..
  • By default, Beeminder gives you a year to descend to your target number-I used.

    As soon as I did that, I had a lot of motive to clean up my crate-I don’t want to spend money on failure because of the lazies. Now I just keep counting that the number has been read up to 2 or less, as you can see on my schedule …

    I’m not kidding.Okay, yeah. I know. I know.In fact, you have a lot of control over what happens to certain types of emails when they arrive. Although this may take 30 seconds, try creating a filter the next time you receive an e-mail message from a source that often sends you content ..

    I usually create filters for:.

  • E-mail that is placed in a certain category-I have filters that automatically apply them.
  • The newsletters I’d like to read later-they’re missing the box.
  • I’m still working on an improved filter, but what I’m doing has already been very useful …

    Configuring collections by e-mail is often a cumbersome procedure:

    “Send me a time when you’re free, and we’ll come to something.”

    “I am free this Friday at 14:00 or Monday at 16:00, do the work?”

    “Oh, no, I have to go to the sumo wrestling lessons.“My friends are in.

    It allows you to specify the time within a week, when you are free, and the specific types of collections that you want to offer to people. All they need to do is visit your profile and choose time …

    You will then be both confirmed by e-mail!

    11. Gmail missile.

    You knew Gmail had.

    However, all these shortcuts require time, and you probably don’t want to access the cheat sheet every time you want to open an e-mail and answer it ..

    After a while, you will start to remember the shortcuts that you use the most-that will be cut at a time when you are spending your e-mail …

    Peter Drucker is one of the greatest managers of all time-once said:

    “What is measured, gets control.” |

    There’s a ton of truth in that statement. If you want to change your life, you will become much more likely if you are able to see for the first time what your current habits are and will be able to track your progress …

    After using it for a period of time, you will begin to see how much time you will spend on your email-and in.

    Looking at my schedule from June 30th, I see I’m checking e-mail too many times during the day. This probably means I don’t spend a lot of focus, uninterrupted time at work …

    Now that I know what my habits are, I have the motivation and the data to improve them …

    If there is some integration between the two applications that you want to create,

    IFTTT is a service that is part of the API for other Web services and allows you to create.

    Some of these can be done via Gmail:

  • Send an email to Evernote.
  • Create a task in the iOS Reminder application from the e-mail message.
  • Save e-mail attachments to.
  • There are many others-just find “Gmail” on the Recepts page to see all of them ..

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